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Travel Insurance

Embarking on a domestic or international journey is an exciting prospect. However, the
uncertainties that come with travel can pose significant risks. At Helga Rivera Insurance, we stand
out by offering every traveler the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive travel insurance

Before setting out on your next adventure, securing the appropriate travel insurance policy is
essential. Helga Rivera Insurance simplifies this process by offering a range of travel insurance
options that protect against various unforeseen events, from minor inconveniences to medical

Our travel insurance plans can safeguard you against trip cancellations, delays, lost or stolen
luggage, and medical expenses incurred abroad. With Helga Rivera Insurance, you can rest assured
that your travel plans are protected, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories
without the worry of unexpected financial burdens.

Whether you’re embarking on a domestic getaway or an international expedition, our experienced
agents will not only provide you with the necessary travel insurance but also work closely with you
to tailor a package that caters to your unique needs and budget. From comprehensive coverage to
more targeted policies, we’ll ensure you have the protection you need to travel confidently, making
you feel valued and catered to.

At Helga Rivera Insurance, we understand that travel is not just a luxury but a vital part of personal
growth and exploration. That’s why we’re deeply committed to making travel insurance not just a
necessity but also accessible and affordable so you can venture forth without the burden of
unmitigated risk, making you feel understood and considered.

Helga Rivera Insurance: Protecting Your Travels, Empowering Your Adventures

*In Puerto Rico, we offer a tailored range of both individual and business insurance solutions,
including Car Insurance, Compulsory Insurance, Life, Cancer, and Disability Insurance, Property
and Contingency Insurance and Travel Insurance.

*In Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia, we exclusively
provide life insurance products.

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