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Property and Contingency Insurance

At Helga Rivera Insurance, we recognize that your home and personal belongings are more than just
physical assets – they’re the bedrock of your life. That’s why we provide comprehensive property
and contingency insurance solutions, offering you the peace of mind that comes with knowing what
matters most to you is protected.

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or condominium owner, our property insurance policies
provide coverage for the structure of your home and your personal possessions. In the event of
unexpected damage from natural disasters, fire, theft, or other covered perils, our policies will help
you recover and restore your living space. We also offer optional coverage for valuable items like
jewelry, fine art, and electronics to safeguard your most prized possessions.

In addition to protecting your physical property, our contingency insurance policies can provide a
financial safety net in the face of life’s uncertainties. This includes coverage for medical
emergencies, disability, and even identity theft protection. By planning, you can know that you and
your family are covered when the unexpected occurs.

At Helga Rivera Insurance, we appreciate that each person’s insurance needs are unique. Our
experienced agents take the time to understand your specific situation and goals, guiding you
toward the policy or combination of policies that best fit your needs. Whether you’re seeking basic
coverage or more comprehensive protection, we’re here to craft the right solution for you.

Investing in property and contingency insurance is a crucial step towards securing your financial
future and safeguarding the things that matter most. With Helga Rivera Insurance, you can be
confident that your home, belongings, and well-being are in capable hands, allowing you to focus
on building a secure future.

Helga Rivera Insurance: Safeguarding Your Property and Your Future

*In Puerto Rico, we offer a tailored range of both individual and business insurance solutions,
including Car Insurance, Compulsory Insurance, Life, Cancer, and Disability Insurance, Property
and Contingency Insurance and Travel Insurance.

*In Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia, we exclusively
provide life insurance products.

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